All About Exterior Trim

Jun 02, 2020

Using the right exterior trim can provide an additional layer of protection against wind and moisture, and it can offer a nice touch to give your home a more finished look. In this post, Home Wizards — one of the area’s best exterior remodeling and custom porch contractors — discusses the different types of exterior trim as well as the materials used for these parts of your home.


Types of Exterior Trim

These are some of the types of exterior trim to familiarize yourself with:

  1. Fascia Boards – These boards bind your roof eaves, ensuring their lateral rigidity. They keep the roof’s lower line together and prevent sagging.
  2. Frieze Boards – These are horizontal trim members located at the top of the siding, where it meets the eave or soffit line. These days, most frieze boards are installed for purely decorative purposes.
  3. Rake Boards – Also known as bargeboards, rake boards are inclined trim pieces that angle up along the roof gables or exposed leaks.
  4. Soffits – These are situated under the eaves to protect the underside of your lower roof from rain and wind. They can also prevent wasps and other pests from nesting.
  5. Boxends and Gutters – These are where the corners of frieze and rake boards meet the soffits and siding. These are also where the gutters begin and end.

Exterior Trim Materials

Home remodelers use various materials for exterior trim including:

  1. Fiber Cement – This is one of the most durable and stable materials that you can use for your trim. It has good resistance against rot, insects, impact and combustion.
  2. Polymer – This material is easy to work with and paint, allowing you to save time during installation. However, it can be expensive and may not suit areas with dramatically changing temperatures.
  3. Cellular PVC – It can be easily installed with standard woodworking tools, but it usually comes with a large price tag. It is also not ideal for regions experiencing dramatic temperature changes.

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