Benefits of James Hardie® Siding With ColorPlus® Technology

Mar 04, 2020

For many years, James Hardie® has been a trusted manufacturer of superior siding products. As a leading innovator in the industry, it has successfully developed a number of technologies that further elevate the quality of its products. One of these is the ColorPlus® Technology, a proprietary finish that’s applied on James Hardie siding and trim inside a controlled-factory setting. This results in a perfect finish that can be hard to replicate through manual painting of the siding or trim.

Home Wizards Remodeling, one of the most trusted siding contractors and deck builders in the area, lists some of the top advantages of James Hardie siding with ColorPlus Technology.

Less Work Required

Since the product already comes primed and painted, it effectively eliminates a number of steps in the installation process. This means less work for the installers and faster completion of the project, which could also possibly lead to lower labor costs.

Color Longevity

Color can last longer on James Hardie siding and trim as a result of the baked-on technology. With regular paint, the color can fade more quickly under sun exposure, requiring a reapplication every few years. But with ColorPlus Technology, the finish can resist harmful UV rays, so it can remain vibrant for a longer time.  James Hardie ColorPlus Technology offers 15 of the most popular colors with an additional 700 specialty colors to chose.  There will not be any issue finding a color you love for your home.  James Hardie ColorPlus Technology also offers a 15 year warranty that covers Paint and Labor protecting against peeling, cracking, or chipping.

No Need to Wait on Weather

Home remodelers typically have to rely on the weather for onsite painting. However, since ColorPlus Technology enables the siding to come pre-painted, your contractor no longer has to wait for sunny weather to apply paint on your siding.

Minimal Mess

You don’t have to worry about paint spills anymore. This also means that you can experience less hassle as you won’t have to cover up shrubs and plants or worry about getting paint on your porch, deck and other exterior areas.  James Hardie offers a touch up kit to match the paint color should you need to touch up any areas in the future.

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