Cleaning Tips for Your Fiber Cement Siding

Aug 10, 2020

No other siding option comes close to fiber cement when it comes to ease of maintenance. Ideally, you can maintain it once or twice a year. For this, you don’t need to use a pressure washer; a handful of cleaning tools and water from a garden hose is enough for you to deal with various contaminants like dirt, oil, grease and mold.

Home Wizards, your local siding and window installers, provide you with some cleaning tips to keep your fiber cement beautiful for longer.

Remove Dirt Using a Soft Brush or Cloth

Whenever a strong storm hits your area, it is likely that your siding will attract dirt. To get rid of the mud, you can use either a soft brush or cloth. If using the brush, work on the dirty surface before rinsing with water from a garden hose. If using the cloth, wet it first, wipe the surface using a side-to-side motion until clean, then rinse with water. Start from the top all the way down, working on small sections as you go. Avoid using a metal brush or an abrasive sponge as this can damage the siding’s finish.

Use Soapy Water for Tough Stains

Siding contractors recommend using mild liquid dishwashing soap together with water and your handy cleaning tools to remove oil or grease from the surface of the fiber cement siding. Submerge the soft cloth in the bucket of soapy water and then clean any stains off the siding. Make sure to rinse the surface until all the grime and the soap are washed off.

Clean Off Mold and Mildew With the Right Cleaner

Always check the fiber cement panels, planks or shingles for any mold or mildew. Soapy water isn’t enough, so you have to use a cleaner that’s appropriate for this job. Of course, you need your soft cloth or sponge and a garden hose. Be sure to follow the instructions on the cleaner label.

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