Common Painting Mistakes Homeowners Make

Sep 25, 2019

Painting is one of the easiest ways to revamp and maintain your exterior siding. While the job may appear easy, it is best left to the professional painters of Home Wizards!

Here are common mistakes homeowners make when painting the exterior.

Ignoring Lead-Based Paint

There’s a high chance that some areas of your home have a coat of lead-based paint if it’s built before 1978. It was just that year that the dangers of lead paint were discovered. Using lead paint is banned in the United States.

Removing and using lead-based paint poses numerous health risks. This is why it’s best to contact a professional if you’re unsure whether your home has it or not. At Home Wizards, our painters will thoroughly prepare your home to ensure beautiful, safe and long-lasting paint application.

Applying the Wrong Kind of Paint

Don’t expect good results if you used the wrong kind of paint for your exterior. You should only use the same type of paint that was previously applied to your siding. To determine what kind of paint was used on your siding, get a piece of cloth and add some alcohol on it. Latex-based paint would rub off on the cloth. Moreover, check the trim, doors and windows separately.

Insufficient Surface Preparation

Prep work contributes around 80 percent of the result of a paint job, that’s why you must take it seriously. Look for damaged areas on your siding as well as peeling or loose paint. Bare wood requires sealing and priming. Painting siding defects would only worsen the issues over time.

Make sure that your home’s exterior is completely clean or else the paint won’t adhere properly. Clean the siding with a brush and detergent or with a pressure washer if you have experience with the equipment.

Whether you want to refresh your home or moving into a new one, you can count on Home Wizards for a superior paint job. We use top-quality paint and materials for our projects. Call us at (770) 999-0010 or fill out our online form to request a consultation.

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