How Often Should You Replace Your Gutters?

Mar 11, 2020

Your gutter system offers critical protection for your home, so you should regularly check on its condition and ensure it’s still working properly. There’s no specific timeframe for replacing your gutters. However, there are a few signs that could tell you when it’s time for gutter replacement. Home Wizards Remodeling, one of the most trusted gutter and siding contractors in the area, lists some of these signs below.

Seam Stress

Gutters are often most vulnerable at the seams or the areas where two horizontal sections meet. Leaks and separations are quite common in these parts of the gutter system, and failure of these components can lead to a number of bigger issues. When there’s already too much pressure in the seams of your gutters, make sure to address the issue as soon as possible. Don’t wait for your gutters to give out completely.


Wood trim elements, such as window sills and door jambs, may become exposed to moisture and start to rot when the gutters fail. Typically, this occurs due to inadequate storm drainage or inapproriate size for the amount of rainfall you might experience.


Malfunctioning gutters can damage a paint job, and this is probably something that painters can’t do anything about unless the root cause is addressed — which, in this case, is your gutter problem. Peeling of painted gutters is usually due to leaks, so you should seriously consider gutter replacement.


Ensure that your downspouts are draining water six feet away from your home. Otherwise, moisture can accumulate near the foundation and cause mildew growth. You can try to get rid of the mildew as an initial solution. But when the problem recurs after your repair attempts, it would be best to replace your gutters.


The Gutters we install are made of aluminum and come in 15 colors.  We recommend you match your gutters and downspouts to the trim of you home.

Gutter Covers

Gutters can be protected with Gutter Covers to extend the life of your gutters.  A good gutter system will allow only water to enter the gutters, preventing leaves and pine needles to build up.  A good gutter system will also prevent the need for cleaning out debris on a regular basis.   If your home is surrounded by trees, we highly recommend installing covers to prevent debris build up.  We recommend you match your covers to the roof color to blend in.

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