Is It Safe to Paint Your Home During Pollen Season?

Apr 09, 2020

Spring is pollen season. And if you’re thinking of repainting the exterior of your home, you’re probably worried about pollen sticking to various surfaces. In this post, Home Wizards, one of the top-rated painting and siding contractors, shares a few tips on how you can safely paint your home during pollen season.

Painting Your Home in Springtime

Most weed, grass and tree pollen are airborne, and they are typically not visible. These small amounts of pollen don’t usually accumulate on surfaces. However, you should be careful about pine pollen. Pine pollen can be so heavy that they fill the air and you can see them floating in the air. It accumulates on any surfaces, particularly in horizontal ones.

Obviously, the presence of pollen on surfaces can cause a few problems when painting your home. Painting on top of pollen is basically like painting on top of dirt. It can cause the paint to fail and not stick for long. That’s why painters are often careful about these things.

How to Paint Safely During Pollen Season

Painting your home during pollen season isn’t impossible, though. Here are a few tips on how you can safely paint your home during spring:

1. Thoroughly wash exterior surfaces before painting.

2. If you’re painting the siding of your home, there’s not much that you need to worry about since it’s a vertical surface. The amount of pollen that can potentially collect between washing and painting is too small to cause any issues.

3. Dust any horizontal surfaces before painting.

4. Acrylic paint dries quickly, so it can prevent the pollen from infiltrating the paint film and causing discoloration.

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