Preparations To Make Before Replacing Your Siding

Nov 18, 2019

Siding installation or replacement isn’t a job that you should jump into lightly. It is a significant investment so you’ll want to know exactly what you should prepare for.

In this post, your trusted home siding contractors of Home Wizards discuss preparations every homeowner should make before replacing their siding.

  1. Research – Aside from searching for the correct company to do the job, you should research more about your siding project as well. Thoroughly browse your options on various siding materials and styles so you can better coordinate with your contractor on the project.

  1. The Right Contractor – Since a siding replacement is a significant investment, you’ll want the right company for the job. Make sure to look for a contractor of good repute with the proper experience, skill set and recommendations from previous customers. That way, you can prevent any future issues with your siding. In addition, you will want to choose a company that also paints the siding.  This enables you to work with only one company for the entire project.  If you want to make your search for a contractor easier, then don’t hesitate to call the siding and window installers of Home Wizards.

  1. Housewrap – If you happen to live in an area where it’s required by building codes, have your contractors apply a weather-resistant barrier known as a housewrap over your sheathing. This allows the moisture to stay out of the home.  In the Atlanta market, Home Wizards always installs housewrap under your siding.

  1. Work Area – Before getting started on replacing your old siding, have the nearby trees on your property trimmed to prevent them from getting in the way and potentially damaging the new siding. Remove any outdoor furniture, lawn ornaments and garden hoses as well since they can prove to be hazards during the job. If you are considering new landscaping, this project should be completed after the siding is installed to prevent any potential damage. 

Make sure your siding replacement is a success by partnering with Home Wizards. Give us a call at (770) 999-0010 or fill out our contact form to request a consultation.

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