The Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design

Nov 10, 2022

The farmhouse design trend is a popular design style

that will not go away anytime soon.


Its impossible to miss all the homes being renovated to the modern farmhouse design in Roswell, Georgia and surrounding cities like Alpharetta, Sandy Springs and Marietta. Many homeowners are wondering how to create a modern farmhouse design look for the exterior of their homes. Modern Farmhouses are a popular blend of the timeless American Farm House with a twist of contemporary modern house design features.


But why? Is it clean, soft neutral colors? Whitewashed wood? Is it the uncluttered open feel? Or the idea of creating spaces to enjoy your home’s outdoor living?

The answer is all of the above! There is no denying, the farmhouse design just feels fresh, bright, and inviting.

Fresh Design

This design style brings elements like weathered wood and natural components to the home to create a warm and inviting look. The farmhouse style is so popular because of the soft, neutral colors. Whitewashed wood and gray have long been the gold standard in this design trend.

Bright Design

Now, lets talk about what makes a home light and bright. It all starts with a lot of large windows that are uncluttered from oversized drapery and blinds. Allowing the sunlight into the home creates warmth and gives natural light to the interior.

Inviting Design

The outdoor lounge, as we call it, extends the living space of your home creating blurred lines between the interior and exterior entertaining areas. Welcoming porches are inviting extensions of living space.

Although these are some key characteristics, there are NO limitations to your taste. As your exterior renovator, Home Wizards Remodeling can help you create a home that stands out and one you will love.

Lets explore the many ways you can make the modern farmhouse style

elevate your homes curb appeal.

1. All White Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

If you prefer to stick with a more traditional palette, opt for an all-white modern farmhouse exterior design. The homes color flows seamlessly when paired together with the same color trim. The monochromatic design lends to a clean and pristine first impression. If you want to add a contrasting element, consider a dark-colored front door.

All-white palettes describe the classic farmhouse style, but with the right touches, you can create a modern flair that stands out in neighborhoods and farmlands alike.

2. Board And Batten Siding Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

A popular farmhouse siding style is board and batten. The look is captured when wooden panels, planks, or boards” come together with a thin strip of wood molding or batten.” The batten works to cover the seams of the vertical planks. The paneling provides texture and shadowing to the homes exterior.

Traditionally, board and batten siding is a wood product. However, the look can also be created by using vinyl, metal, or fiber cement materials. You can also choose to add color to the siding by selecting durable exterior paint.

3. Combination Siding Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

Mixing different house exterior design styles can add depth and interest while saving money.

Stucco is a traditional cement-style finish thats durable and low in cost. This style pairs well alongside board and batten siding. The vertical lines within the siding complement the solid appearance of the stucco. Consider featuring the siding on your homes high peaks and crevices.

Another commonly seen exterior pair is horizontal siding and brick. This is another great cost-saving option, as brick is expensive to use for the entire home. They flow together in various ways, but often the brick is on the lower level. The horizontal siding will then fill in the surrounding areas for a complimentary look.

4. Dark Trim Modern Farmhouse Exterior

A common detail seen throughout farmhouse-style homes is dark trim. If against a bright white backdrop, the trim accentuates your homes striking details. If you have a porch, consider using a dark color throughout its structural columns and posts.

Dark trim very much embodies the flair of modern farmhouse exterior design. While traditional farmhouse design uses window trim and corner boards painted to match the siding, dark trim helps these features stand out, completely changing the way the house resonates with admirers.

5. Exterior Paint Modern Farmhouse Ideas

When choosing your home’s exterior paint color, don’t be restricted to just white. Although it is fresh and crisp, white has long been a beloved color for home decor because of its positive ambiance and uplifting effect. Aside from white, there is a wide range of other color options that work well for a modern farmhouse. If you are daring enough, a black-on-black color scheme is the ultimate definition of chic. Wood accents or stone detailing instantly stand out against the overall dark tones. If that style seems too bold for your taste, perhaps select a color block pattern instead? A bright white contrast against a dark hue, such as black or blue, provides instant curb appeal. And, if that still seems too much, you cant go wrong with subtle neutrals.

6. Farmhouse Design Front Door Entrances

For a more traditional style, select a door with sidelights. If you prefer, installing a set of double doors to create a statement is a popular modern option. To add character to the front door, consider adding a pop of color. Black is a great color for contrast or, choose a bright accent color, such as yellow or teal, for a playful touch.

Choose a door with glass window panes for an elegant and farmhouse-classic touch bringing in lots of natural light. Frosted or Obscure glass is also an option to help maintain privacy.

7. Farmhouse Shutter Styles

Traditionally, exterior farmhouse shutters managed sunlight, encouraged air circulation, and protected windows from severe weather or uninvited guests. The simple lines of farmhouse shutters are the finishing touch to the farmhouse design and renovation. Bold dark accent colors complement the softer hues of both siding and trim. Wood farmhouse shutters welcome visitors into a home constructed for comfort, warmth, and intimate conversation.

8. Porch Ideas for the Modern Farmhouse

Whats not to love about an old-fashioned front porch furnished with rocking chairs? A porch is a classic feature seen throughout many modern farmhouse-style homes that is the main welcoming feature of the home. Be sure to select sturdy materials for its base, such as brick, wood, or concrete. Otherwise, there are not many rules to consider for your design.

With the many design variations, its easy to tailor to any budget. You can keep it as simple or as elaborate as your taste desires. Railings and an open design both fit into the farmhouse theme. Even the size and place of the porch are at your discretion. There is a wide variety of porch options available, with unlimited features.

9. Shaker Shingle Siding

Shake siding brings added texture to modern farmhouse designs, which can elevate the exterior and create a more unique appearance.  Consider using it on areas to create contrast such as gables or inside the front porch area.  There are several styles of shake siding including staggered, straight or curved edge.

10. Wood Accent Modern Farmhouse Exterior Ideas

Wood is another way to highlight your homes architectural style. Youll want to select a finish or grain that best complements the exterior paint color, while able to withstand the outdoor weather conditions. With wood being a versatile material, it is easy to showcase this element in many different ways. Trim around windows and the entryway are where youll most commonly see wood accents. Wooden look garage doors are also on an upward trend with black handles or accents to create a more modern look.  Consider adding stained wood columns to a front porch or entry way to add that rustic exterior feature.

11. Modern Farmhouse Window Design

No amount of modern farmhouse upgrades can truly shine without the right windows. This is because having ample natural light is key to achieving the airy look of the modern farmhouse style. Moreover, windows are large architectural elements that influence the look of the house from the inside and out. 

Modern farmhouse exterior ideas are dominating home remodeling. With the wide selection of ways to achieve this look, its no surprise this style continues to be popular.

If you are looking for a way to update and elevate your Roswell, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Woodstock, Atlanta, Georgia home outdoor appearance with a Modern Farmhouse Design, Home Wizards Remodeling is the company you can trust. In addition to the farmhouse look, we can also upgrade your home exterior with our professional sidinggutterpainting, window and outdoor living services. Contact us today at 770-998-1809 to learn more and to schedule your free consultation.

Farmhouse Style
Modern farmhouse exterior ideas are dominating home remodeling. With the wide selection of ways to achieve this look, it’s no surprise this style continues to be popular.
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