Winter Window Replacement: Considerations to Keep in Mind

Dec 06, 2019

Most homeowners put off pursuing home improvement projects until the end of winter because of the cold weather. However, there are many projects that can be completed during the winter months regardless of the cold temperatures.

With the help of the right window installers, a window replacement project can be done in winter, although it will involve a few extra steps. Read on as Home Wizards, the area’s trusted window company, elaborates on the special considerations for winter window replacements below.

Longer Delivery Timeframes 

If you’re planning to replace your windows this winter, get your quote right away. Windows are all custom made to fit your home so they can take up to 2-4 weeks to receive from the manufacturer.

More Careful Window Installation Process 

It’ll also take a longer time for your contractors to finish installing your new windows as well. That’s because contractors need to replace your windows one at a time to limit your interior’s exposure to the cold air outside.

Wouldn’t It Be Better to Wait Until Spring?

Some homeowners might be wondering why they should bother replacing their windows in winter, given the extra inconvenience. For one thing, the slight inconvenience of having it done now means you can enjoy the benefits of a warmer and more comfortable home with lower utility bills.

Always prioritize the level of expertise window installers have—an experienced contractor can help you make the most of your new windows.

Home Wizards, a multi-award-winning contractor with more than a decade’s worth of experience, offers a wide range of professional exterior services, including window installation services. To request a consultation, call us at (770) 998-1809 or leave us a message here.

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