Window Winterization for your Home in Five Easy Steps

Oct 27, 2022

Winterize your Home’s Windows

Roswell, GA and surrounding cities like Alpharetta, Sandy Springs and Marietta homeowners experience four seasons, so planning and protecting your home is critical. Window winterization for your home is key. Your home’s windows are something you should prepare for before the cold months arrive. To stay comfortable and keep your home protected year-round, a little prep work is recommended before each change in the seasons. Perhaps the most involved seasonal change is between autumn and winter months. The arrival of frigid temperatures and sporadic snowfall presents unique challenges to homeowners — increased energy usage, outdoor preparation, and more.

Five Steps to Winterize Your Windows

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Window Winterization

While its never too late to begin winterizing your home, being proactive is key. Below are five useful tips for winterizing your home and how to help you get started on the process.

1. Winterization by Keeping Cold Air Out

The most common reason for winterizing your home is to keep it warm during the winter months. Naturally, the easiest way to do this is to prevent it from getting cold in the first place: The less cold air that enters your home, the less work (and energy) is required to offset it. This may sound intuitive, but its easier said than done.

There are several different ways cold air can enter a home — through the windows, the roof, doorways or floors. Some of these signal potential problems (such as drafty windows or doors), but some are natural and unavoidable in any home. The best way to prevent this is to install additional insulation.

2. Adding Weatherstripping 

Weatherstripping is an easy, affordable way to close the air gaps between your doors, windows, and other openings — cracks that allow in cold air if they go unaddressed. Weatherstripping is available in a variety of materials (vinyl, felt, foam, and more), and the installation process is easy. Once installed, it helps with drafts and keeps out melted snow, bugs, etc.

3. Insulate Windows

Even with weatherstripping, windows are one of the primary entry points into the home. So, covering them is an effective way to prevent cold air from getting in. For those that do not get used often, add window insulation film — plastic covers that work especially well. For others, thick curtains with thermal lining would work well to hold off the draft.

4. Use Door Thresholds 

To seal large air leaks on exterior doors, you may have to think bigger than weatherstripping. Door thresholds are a great solution. Much like weather stripping, they block cold air from entering your home. However, unlike weather stripping, they are larger and take a little more effort to install. 

5. Replace Your Windows for Optimal Winterization

Another option for trying to repair your inefficient windows is to install new double-paned windows. If your current windows are single-pane and have cracks or broken seals, consider getting double-pane replacement windows. The space between the glass panes contains an insulating gas that improves the windows’ thermal performance.

Winter Window Winterization can help enhance and maintain comfort in your home. 

Double-paned windows can easily pay for themselves if you have high heating and cooling energy bills. Depending on your climate, you may be able to save as much as 50% of your energy bill every month, with savings that will continue to stack up over the lifespan of the windows. They’re also more secure, and resistant to cracking and shattering in ways that single-paned windows are not.

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How To Winterize the Exterior of Your Home – Prepare the Outdoors

When it comes to winterizing your home, not only should you address your efforts inside but outside as well. Its not enough to simply improve insulation or energy efficiency. Outside, where snow falls and the temperatures are cold, present just as many opportunities to prepare for the cold weather.

1. Clean gutters

Throughout the autumn months, leaves and other debris fall and can clog your gutters. If unattended to, this can cause a water backup that damages roofing, siding and wood trim — plus cause leaks and rot to your home. So, as you prepare for the winter months, make sure you clean the gutters removing leaves, twigs, and other debris. Also, inspect them for any cracks, rust, or areas they may be sagging and trapping water.

2. Add gutter guards

As snow melts, your gutters take water in and carry it away from the side of your home to prevent moisture damage. If theres too much water, or if the snow melts too slowly, you may begin to see problems. To avoid this, consider installing gutter guards on your home. They are a perfect solution to prevent leaves and debris build-up, and the need for cleaning out your gutters.

3. Protect air conditioner

While most air conditioning units are built to withstand harsh winter weather, they are not built to keep out leaves, seeds, nuts, and other debris. When this debris gets into your air conditioner, it can invite moisture, which then causes corrosion and can even block drainage. To prevent this, remember to cover your central air unit before autumn arrives.

4. Getting started

While its always best to be proactive when starting to winterize your home, it is never too late to take additional steps to keep your home comfortable and secure.

Hopefully, this winterizing your home checklist is helpful and offers suggestions to help you get started on protecting your home for upcoming colder weather.

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